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One of the most popular door styles is the traditional wood door. While it may seem bland at first, wood doors allow for customization.


Here at Dothan Commercial Doors, you can choose the type of wood, the color of the wood, and the design for a more customized look. Just like all our other products, our wood and architectural doors come at competitive prices.

Why Choose Hollow Metal Doors?

There are many advantages to choosing a hollow metal door for your project. The longevity and durability of a hollow metal door will provide you with the confidence of knowing your door will hold up against almost anything. We don't just sell you a door—we sell you satisfaction.

Hollow Metal Doors

Fiberglass Reinforced Products (FRP)

Our fiberglass reinforced doors provide a unique structure that holds up against corrosive materials, including chemicals, salts, and moisture. Another great feature of the fiberglass reinforced doors is the ability to completely seal off a room. This is great for clean rooms and food processing areas. The door remains flush on all six sides to allow it to completely seal, giving you space that won't be contaminated by air coming in and out. 

FRP Door

Architectural Wood Doors

Nothing provides grandeur like a beautifully made wood door. Our doors are not just taken off the assembly line. They are handcrafted by some of the biggest names in the industry to ensure you get the best quality for your money.


Make Your Life Easier With a Pre-Hung Door

Who wants to put a lot of work into installing a door? With a pre-hung door, the work has already been done for you. All you have to do is hang it and you're ready to move on to the next project.


One thing that makes the pre-hung doors so different from many other styles is the frame that is included on the door. This means you don't have to worry about mortising the door to prepare it to be hung. Even better, the pre-hung door comes in a variety of styles to choose from, making it even more of a benefit. You can find double units, glass doors, single units, solid doors, and even hollow doors available in the pre-hung version.

Pre hung doors
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